What if authors could offer items with varying amounts of content based on price?

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I was just thinking about sounds and sound packs on Audiojungle and I realized that there could be more pricing options, based on varying levels of content.

For example:

Say I want to a pack of 50 explosion sounds. Instead of offering all 50 sounds in one package, why not try something like this:

Pricing options:

2 Explosions – $1 – Ext = $5 5 explosions – $3 – Ext = $15 10 Explosions – $5 – Ext = $25 25 Explosions – $8 – Ext = $40 50 Explosions – $15 – Ext = $75

So this way, not only will people have lower prices in case they don’t want all 50 explosions, but they can listen to what they’ll be getting from all the different options.

The only burden with this is that authors will need to make a watermarked preview of each option separately.

When this is used in tandem with the buyer-oriented, multi-cut referral system I mentioned in the thread below, this can have some amazing results for buyers, authors, referrers, and Envato itself. Everybody wins.

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I like the idea. It could also be used to stop this variations “abuse” which exists now – which allows situations in which up to 10 variations are sold in one file for $1 (10 sounds for $1 :( ).

For example, if an item includes variations, you can buy them all as a pack, or just one of them of $1, not all 3, 4, or 10 of them for the same price.