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Hi there) I like House and electronic pop music, but as I can understand, there is no interest from customers to buy stuff like that. So I decided to ask you: Does someone make music in house genre and have good sales on audiojungle?

I have tracks like this:

I think, that i have to grow up and work hard, but in the same time i think, that this stuff is not so bad for good sales. but my Evanto balance gives me some other information)))))))))

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Envato team

I’m not the house specialist here, but my kind of house tracks i sold not so bad until now, but i’m not allowed to post the links. Just check my portfolio under “Dancefloor”.

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It’s all about creating a niche. If you work hard and create a strong portfolio for the type of music you want to sell you will sell. Keep creating electronic/house tracks and keep doing them to your style. Eventually you will be known as THE go to guy for that thing and you’ll see sales rise. Look at all the top authors, even though none of them stick to ONE style, they do have a specific style and stick to a lot of the same genres… they create a brand for themselves. Do the same for yourself and you’ll see the sales rise.

Think about it, what’s to say that maybe there are people who want that genre but think “oh, I like electronic house but there isn’t that much on AudioJungle… I think I’ll go to (insert other stock website here)!” Think about it, you do your main groceries at a supermarket rather than a convenience store because there’s more choices.

Keep at your music and keep elevating your art, and I’m sure sales will follow!

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House music on audiojungle sold very well, I’m a member of a few months and I’ve noticed. But this is the month of December when the number of sales decreased to almost everyone, is currently selling less than in previous months. :)

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