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Let me step in here…

Envato’s both regular and extended licenses clearly state: “Your use of the Work is limited to a single application.” I’m not a lawyer, but in my opinion, THIS is what makes the difference. Each time your website’s customers hit PRODUCE FINAL VIDEO button, After Effects renders a video, and each time it’s DIFFERENT . And when the customer gets the file and uses it somewhere, it is referred to as a single application. So, if I am not wrong, for every single customer you MUST buy whether a regular or an extended licence. I think what you are doing now is completely wrong.

And no matter what your software does, After Effects STILL has to render the animation.

1 render = 1 application

This is the way I understand Envato’s licensing.

EDIT : acuredreamgift made a post just before me, and he is explaining pretty much the same thing.

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For someone seeking to make money selling creative design work on-line, it’s astonishing how demeaning you are towards designers. As any good salesman knows, your sales live and die by the quality of your product. You seem to consider the only product here to be your customizing technology. Wrong! Your products are the motion graphic templates you seek to sell. Your confidence about picking up endless high-quality design products for $200 or less suggests to me that you a) haven’t tried it, or b) are not much of a design connoisseur.

Anyway, I’ve referred this to the Envato legal team and I’m now locking the thread, ‘til they’ve had a look.

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Envato team

Sorry for the very delayed response. This is not just a licensing question, but also a business question that needed a lot of thorough discussion.

This example used a video generator, but the concept would be the same for a business card or flyer generator. The user would access the app, fill in their specific info, and would be returned a final product.

The short answer is that no, this is not allowed. The reasoning can be found in the license itself.

(c)You may license, sub-license, sell, resell or re-distribute the Work or offer to do any of these things (together referred to as Resale) in the following circumstances: (ii) If the Work is a template or software application, you use it alone to modify it and Resell it as an end product (that is, not as a tool, template, or stock item, and without source files);

This basically means that you could buy an item and use it in an app that you sell. For example, you could buy a button graphic from GraphicRiver and use it in a game that you sell on the App Store. You could not, for example, use it to create a tool that creates customized versions of the file iteself.

Your use of the Work is limited to a single application.

By distributing a customized version of the final product to multiple end clients, this ends up being used in an unlimited number of applications.

So no, this is not an acceptable way to use files purchased, even if you have an extended license.

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There you go. :)

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... and this website is still offering some projects available exclusively here

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and there you go…

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Maybe its not illegal in vidouhive, but the guy is genius !

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If I were an author whose template is being used illegally in violation of the Envato license, I’d file a DMCA takedown notice with any infringing site’s webhost and payment processor.

Otherwise what’s to keep everyone from just buying the templates here, then offering el cheapo customization to unlimited customers, after just buying the template here once? That appears to be clearly infringing from what the Envato staff and licensing says. Personally I sue and shut down people who violate my Intellectual Property rights. You guys have to protect your rights, or all your hard work gets illegally ripped off and used by others. Really. Look what happened to the music industry.

Protect your rights. From what I read earlier when I asked a similar type of question about licensing, the answer I got was that to customize a template for a customer, you need to buy it once for each new client project, which is reasonable. So you’re just passing along a $8-$30 cost to a client who pays $70-$150 or whatever for customized template. That way the author gets paid for each use of their project, and the customizer site also makes a profit by selling customized version.

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I have removed all the template I got from Videohive and other stock websites… Now I am only using templates from authors that have given me the permission, e.q, they have joined my website.

Sorry for the previous post… You guys were right… And I have become wiser… So I hope you will forgive my ignorance on this subject…

Anyway… I’m inviting template producers to join my website… Read about it here:

[link removed]


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I have removed all the videohive templates from my system… Sorry for my ignorance on this subject, I admit that I was wrong.

I contacted Envato the other day and got a clear response from them.

All templates currently on my website are for authors that have given me permission.

I also asked Envato if they were interested in using my video technology but I got no response, so… Feel free to join my website… Look for the affiliates link at the bottom of my page.