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Thought creates your reality, what you think you become. If you think about wanting something, then you creating a sense of lack, which pushes away what you want. If you think you already have what you want, then more good things will happen in your life. Universal law of attraction ;)

hehe, real life examples please..

The “what you think you become” part was spoken by many. But there is a practical problem with that: There is a time gap between thinking and becoming (it could be even months or years). So in the in-between time, if someone starts thinking various opposing aspects, everything becomes jigzaw puzzle.

If we talk about the law of attraction, but it works regardless we believe in it or not. Indeed there is a gap of time between an idea and implementing it in reality.

Life example: Once I madly wanted to perform on stage. Sing your own songs and earn a living from it. I wrote the music, songs, and recorded them in a home studio and just believe that I will succeed. This went on for 3 years with no results. And at the moment I was disappointed, I called and invited me to meet producers. I could not believe it, but it happened! At that moment I realized that everything is connected. My dream was in my hands. (Photo first performance on my page)

In the past year, I decided to open your own online store, but do not have the time or understanding of how to do it. My desire is increased with each passing day … As a result, in February I slipped and broke his leg :) Now I have a lot of time (until July I will be in a cast :)) And I opened my shop as well as dreaming. The world always gives you what you want. Sometimes it needs to go through a complex way and sometimes everything is easy and simple. Although it is not the best example of the online store :)

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this law of attraction is just: If you want something enough you will get it. If you don’t get it is because you are a moron. Is only your fault since you didn’t “believe” enough. This off course, is stupid, but somewhat many people believe it.

People believe that because it feels good (for a moment). In fact those kind of theories induces more desires to people instead of helping to bind us with nature’s flow. Also those theories cares only about extreme ends like positive-negative and happiness-sadness etc (mostly social aspects) while the original life we see is irrelevant to those priorities/views.

Although the so called logical approach also isn’t consistent, atleast it doesn’t bias people to think only through “needy” aspects. That’s why it is less corrupted than any other comparable approaches.

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I don’t like it how people believe stuff without proper evidence (whatever that is) or without experimenting themselves. Although I am very open to ideas and concepts, I am extremely skeptical when referring to what people believe in. People believe in all sorts of crap, I think that’s just being ignorant and superstitious :)

edit: I’m not stating that if science hasn’t explained a phenomenon, then that phenomenon doesn’t exist. I’m just saying that it’s wrong to take something you find in a book or on the internet for granted. Question everything :D


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I like this thread :) and i have a lot of answers for each of you but only if you ask :P

Here are a few of my thoughts:
The past and the future exists only in your mind – take advantage of the power of the present.
The law of attraction works, but you must know how to balance your conscious and subconscious and make a bridge between them. You can’t only want a thing and think about it if your subconscious “knows, or thinks” a second that can’t be true. We are the only who can add breaks in our path or who can push the things further.
The one who succeed is the one who have the courage to get out of the “normal” tracks built by the parents, school, education or other factors.
Instead of thinking how to earn more, or how to sell more, or how… how… how… it is better to ask “why” or “what”. What would your life look if you can sell 50 items per day? What would you feel at the end of a full month of sales? What would your life look when you will be an Elite author? Why would do want to become an Elite author? What would happen next?
Those questions will add more value or power to your thoughts than asking “how” or “when”.

There are a lot of points and information about this field but some people will be bored if i continue while others will ask more, so i will stop here for now.

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It interesting thread but…

I do not believe in “law of attraction” . Some weeks ago i uploaded tra?k called “Success in your mind”. I thinking about it everyday. More than! I marked it as featured file. But I have zero sells :( I do not suppose that this is the worst track in my portfolio :)

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Something I’ve learnt, there is only one thing we really want in life; is to be happy in the present moment. ......... which can only exist in the present moment.

Lot of interesting posts! Here on my thoughts on the above:

Have you ever watched a child with a colouring book when they are young? Their strokes are erratic, their colour choices nonsensical and they never stay within the confines of the borders of the image they are colouring. Over time we teach them to stay inside the borders, to choose the appropriate colours and apply the appropriate techniques to “properly” colour a picture. Interesting that while still infants we are taught to think and operate within the confines of a box.

You see, it is good to teach children of course, however the point here is that our thoughts have been crafted since before we can remember and a great part of our interaction with humanity is not even by choice, but by youthful programming. Many of us make daily decision that we believe “we” are choosing – but what we believe and have repeated for years produces in us a programmed reaction.

There is a study of the brain that shows the more you make the same decision over again the deeper the neurological pathways between two points in your mind becomes – and the faster a thought will take the same path when presented the same information. In almost all cases, the introduction of the same situation, or same choice presented to individuals will result in the same outcome over and over again. Belief has produced a consistent thought, which responds with consistent actions.

So then, it is fairly safe to say that ways of thinking are passed down through many generations without being contested – as it is the most difficult thing in life to change what one truly believes.

Is is true that the only thing we want in life is to be happy however? I wound say no actually. The problem however is that most people are in fact perpetually unhappy, so this become the major focus of life and is often confused with the purpose of life itself.

Most people are unhappy because they continually put their trust in things they ought not to. If your happiness is found in something that will disappoint you, like money, objects, a career and even people, you will be perpetually unhappy and always chasing the wind. You will be let down sooner or later. Unfortunately, most people do find contentment in things and circumstances. When circumstances are up they are up. When circumstances are down, they are down. However – what if your peace of heart and happiness are not found in circumstances? Circumstances cannot take away or add to peace of heart and happiness if they are not founded on them to begin with.

...say you want something in the future, it creates a sense of lack in the present…

Well, that all depends on ones perception of things:

The events and experiences of life are filtered through the condition of a person’s heart. When a child is bitten by a dog at a young age, the child often begins to believe that all dogs will bite them. Many adults have irrational fears because of single childhood experiences. The heart becomes skewed in a sense and perceives a circumstance not on the evidence presented in the present situation, but past experiences. One dog bit me, therefore all dogs will bite me.

To say a desire in the future creates a sense of lack in the present (which is what most in the world really believe) shows me hearts that have been disappointed many times over. I have heard this same thought expressed in a more transparent saying: “Don’t set your expectations to high or you will be disappointed” – it is the realist. For the realist, it is easier to protect happiness by “hoping less”. Less hope = less challenge and therefore less instability and risk in life… at least that is hope behind the thought.

The problem with this for me is that this hoping less is really just the inevitable path to hopelessness and indefinite discontentment. What is worse then not fulfilling any dreams? Not having any dreams at all.

For me, the thought of a future unattained actually produces hope, challenge – purpose. So how can the same thought produce a different response in two different people? Quite simply, they believe or perceive the same situation a different way based on belief, and their heart (or mind ) is filtering the same information differently. This is the same reason one person sees opportunity where another sees struggle. It is the same reason why one man runs to danger while most run away from it.

The initial question on thought is truly interesting. Going further however – can changing what you believe (and therefore your thoughts) really change the outcome of your life? I dare to say yes. The first step to succeeding in life is believing that you can.

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...................Is is true that the only thing we want in life is to be happy however? I wound say no actually. The problem however is that most people are in fact perpetually unhappy, so this become the major focus of life and is often confused with the purpose of life itself. .............The first step to succeeding in life is believing that you can.

Wise words Tim!

I’m sure the biggest problem for human to be happy is to fall and stay in dreams and sitting down and expect the things come to them by just thinking and dreaming about it.

It’s a question of the attitude. You can all sugarcoat or badmouth.

It’s so easy to be dissatisfied and just look up to people who earn more money and have nice material things. These people can be the most unhappy people on the world when they just had easy success and never notice what are the main things of life. On the other side a apparently poor person can be much more happy than we all could ever be because he got the things of life right and found his peace of mind.

The best way to get happy is to be pleased with your situation, find out what you really expect from yourself and your life, look forward, work hard on it, make your enemy to your friend, help people who have more problems and keep being realistic and patient.

I believe Tim got a lot of it long before he went up as high as he stands today. Maybe that’s the reason why he got to where he is now by having that peace of mind. I just took you for this example because I know that a lot of AJ authors are looking up to you as an idol. And that’s not a bad thing. Who am I telling that. :-)

my 2 cents

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... The initial question on thought is truly interesting. Going further however – can changing what you believe (and therefore your thoughts) really change the outcome of your life? I dare to say yes. The first step to succeeding in life is believing that you can.

Felt the entire long post addresses important things such as conditioning; except the point on last para dealing with the word “belief”. The problem is we tend to come to a conclusion for big things so easily; certain thing doesn’t have a formula to deal with; that is one of the nature’s challenge towards us. We can’t have a “fixed” way of living! :D

For me, almost each daily activity (or long plans) doesn’t start with belief or expectation but observation and acceptance of results. Anyone who has initial strong belief may also face a tough situation of just accepting a bad outcome. In the same way someone with half minded approach also have a time to observe a possibility and then strengthen the belief. In fact both can happen to single person on different occasions.

So again conditioning and in-built formulas are one of our limiting factors – it may look helpful in one situation but can silently limit our efficiency.