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Hi everyone,

I wonder that there isn’t already a thread like this. After the official “yay”-Thread it’s time to make an official “I got rejected”-Thread

Here you can post links to your rejected items, so you can get suggestions from other authors on how to improve it. This is what this thread is about: IMPROVEMENT

Please notice: If you think your item is perfect, don’t post it here. This thread is to get constructive critic, not to bash reviewers or argue about their judgeability. Also this is NOT a place to link to other items on the marketplace which are in your opinion worse than yours.

Also, please only answer to an author if you want to GIVE constructive critic. If you just post “Looks good to me”, or “don’t like that” you help nobody.

Please be clear and take some time to explain what you think needs to be changed.

So I will make the start.

Marketplace: Videohive Category: Motion Graphics

Halloween Greeting Card Preview: http://youtu.be/K6mRU4FDEuM

What I think needs improvement: I think that the quality of my drawing skills and the animation is the problem. On the other hand, animating a rather static object like a pumpkin is realistically seen a hard task :) Also the sound quality might be a problem but I could have submitted the Card without any sound so that should not be the problem. So what would you change?