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I feel the same way Rev. Wish I had joined years ago.

Very happy here and think reviewers and fellow authors (most of them) are good people and brilliant musicians who write great music, and post interesting threads.

There is also much to learn here and many people willing to answer questions which I think is great. Gareth Coker for example is a source of excellent information which he provides regularly and I think it’s terrific that he takes the time to share this with the AJ community. (Where is his community superstar badge Envato…?)

Great place for composers and music buyers and hope to see it grow and improve over the coming years. It’s certainly got me passionate about writing music again, because it allows us to write music we are passionate about, not what is dictated purely by someone else’s requirements.

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I totally agree, Rev.

I joined another stock media site in 2011, put up a couple of short tracks for $2 and started to get some sales. I’ve had over 150 sales on that site and not once communicated with another author or had feedback.

I joined AJ around the same time, didn’t have many sales (5 in the first year) so didn’t visit here often. My 2013 New Years Resolution was to focus more on my music. Given the growing popularity of AJ I decided this was the place to focus my attention.

In Feb this year I attended an Envato meet-up here in Melbourne. The enthusiasm and excitement about the site from other Marketplace authors, Envato staff and Collis himself was infectious.

The community involvement here definitely sets AJ apart from all other stock media sites I have seen.