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  • Beautiful Small island within the Caribbean with lots of beaches and falls, we love well cooked spiced jerk food :) beach parties etc
  • Motto: out of many one people
  • Our national dish is Ackee & Saltfish
  • Current title holder for World’s fastest man
  • Achieved full independence from Britain on August 6, 1962
  • Income Tax rate: 33.3% :(
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I’m from Russia. Some interesting facts about our country:

Wild bears are walking around streets. Men, women and children drinks vodka all day. We have a pocket nuclear rockets, everyone of us (we will kill you, don’t forget)

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1: We’re relatively safe from most “scary” weather.

2: We have a queen, and she’s very well respected.

3: Our taxes are notoriously high. We used to be taxed on how many windows we had (no joke).

4: Our currency is worth more per unit than the Euro and the Dollar.

5: A lot of us get a lot of stuff from flea markets and “boot sales.” We recycle our goods by selling it at extremely low prices with the intention of getting rid of what we don’t need.

6: Guns are banned in the UK. Doesn’t stop crime though. :<

7: Elderly folk tend to be very friendly and I respect their traditional values.

8: Immigrants take priority over us true Brits when it comes to services. We get treated like foreigners as a result. :(

9: The UK has some beautiful scenery in the countryside. One famous example is the Lake District area (I actually went inside Beatrix Potter’s house. :) ).

10: It rains a lot. Makes people grumble but that’s one reason why we have so much farmland and scenery. I grow potatoes in our back yard.

11: Our “health and safety” laws do a better job at killing people than actually making us safe. It’s gotten very stupid and mindless. Every day, new rules and regulations are written just to annoy the average person and make life difficult.

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• Right now I’m in the north, and now, at 00.12 am it’s still light outside, enough to read a book!

• The distance from where I live in southern Sweden to here in the north is about the same as going down to the French riviera…

• There are lots of beautiful women here. :)

• Swedes travel a lot. Even if we’re only 9 million I meet them in every country of the world.

• Getting a degree at a university is free.

• Per Gessle of Roxette still makes loads of PRO money from their hit song It Must Have Been Love.

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I’m from Russia. Some interesting facts about our country: Wild bears are walking around streets. Men, women and children drinks vodka all day. We have a pocket nuclear rockets, everyone of us (we will kill you, don’t forget)
Haha, i knew it! :p
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Planet Mars :
known as a red planet , and is very cold :)

Currently living on Earth in a mysterious country :D

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I am just going to share my personal view if you want numbers go Google it .

Well we have the biggest Rainforest in the world (Amazon) that is a part of Brazil 60% of Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil we give the world carbon dioxide (co2) to the world on a regular base, so we highly recommend to all human population on the glob, every morning when you wake up say thank you Brazil for not cutting all the tree`s and let us live :P .

Brazil official language is Portuguese, this is due to Brazil been a colony of Portugal ,on the early 16th + century, back in the old day`s they slave us, but i always say from any mambo jumbo stuff there is a good :P , the Portugal didn’t allow us to practice in the art of war cos` they where to scare we will whoops there as….. So what we did we invented the dance and music with the combine elements of martial art, this how the Capoeira was burn .

Sport – we are all bizarre freaks of football, no other team on the global played in every tournament (WC) unless there name is Brazil+ no other team have won more time then us WC *(5 times ) ,in the 2014 we are going to host the biggest sport event in the world in brazil ,this is just a reminder to all European team ,never in all the history of the tournament a European team won on S.America solid on the final ,but we really don’t have issue with the European, but Argentina our number 1 enemy ,we just don’t like them and they don’t like us simple as that .

Our fastest growing sport this days is MMA .

Economic -we are growing fast as we are the fifth growing economic by 2012, Gasoline around $1.6-7 for a liter(not gallon) give and take its up to your place .

Beer for example 6 pack Corona(bottle 333mil ) cost me here (Sao Paulo ) around $15-13 but i live in good place it is really up to the place you live(there is a lot of poorness in Brazil but not like where you see in the news ).

Basic taxes start from 15%. Flat income tax start from around 28% , its impossible to say how much money people make here ,so i can say in Brazil with $2000 a month you can live ok+ in Brazil .

Hot girls (crazy no one mention here the quality of what you guys have ),simple walk to our amazing beaches, a door of confusion will be open for you ,you can find almost any mixture here no complained, our most famous hot babe is Gisele Bündchen (not my taste but hey … OK I can talk all day but that’s it for now ).

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As my fellow compatriot eduvoindo already stated much about our country and i agree with all, ill include just a few curiosities about the region i live Algarve

Heres a nice Promotional Video that you can check for curiosity.

  • Great life quality.
  • Beautiful beaches.
  • Friendly people.
  • Very warm climate.
  • During summer all sorts of festivals, partys, concerts etc… (During winter not much going on).
  • Expensive place to live.
  • Seasonal Region (Much work in summer and not so much in the winter).
  • Did i mentioned Beautiful beaches? :)

Congratulations to CodingJack for creating this thread :) and Regards to you all. RJ

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Some Facts

  • 82 Million People live in Germany but our country is so small, it would fit almost 27 times in the USA
  • beer is officially declared as “food” in bavaria
  • The balcony of the hotel Michael Jackson dangled his son over is in Berlin
  • The Cologne Cathedral took 632 years to build.
  • The Octoberfest actually starts in september
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel has a Barbie doll made after her
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- We are in a horrible (critic, let’s say) economic situation.
- We have been winning main football competitions on last 4 years, so we don’t care at all about the above statement.