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Summer has ended and it’s back to serious work for most of us. So for me this means first rebuilding my support forums. My old ones were based on Vanilla ( even posted a tutorial for that one ) but there were two main problems :

- does not fit or integrate with the main site which is wordpress based

- verification was done once which means a buyer who purchased one item had access to all of the items forums

So I decided to go a new way. With BuddyPress this time. Advantages:

- does fit with the main site

- individual item verification with feedback on the profile page on which areas you already have access -> http://cl.ly/image/3a1Q231q2M31

- possibility to run for duplicate keys => ban because all keys are stored in the db


You can check my site’s support link for a quick demo

What you will need:

- a buddypress compatible theme

- envato marketplaces wrapper by Jeffrey Way

To action:

Just paste this into your bp/bpt-functions.php -> http://pastie.org/4919196 All you have to do now is to create a misc folder on your theme folder and inside that folder a dzssupport folder. Inside that last folder copy the Envato_marketplaces.php from the envato wrapper and the config.php.

The wrapper file is the same, but the config.php is a little different, it needs your data + the ids of the items you integrate in the forum and groups names


 * Make sure to rename this to config.php
$dzssupport_config = array();
$dzssupport_config['username'] = 'ZoomIt';
$dzssupport_config['api_key'] = 'ddd';

                        $idsandforums = array(
                                'id' => '80610',
                                'forum' => 'DZS Video Gallery',
                                'id' => '157782',
                                'forum' => 'DZS WordPress Video Gallery',
                                'id' => '2536611',
                                'forum' => 'DZS WordPress Timeline Slider',


Hope this helps somebody.

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Hmm, I’ve never thought of this it’s actually a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

I am currently in the middle of getting a system built around Kayako for Support and the knowledge base. But this actually seems like a better idea.