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Take for instance the Code Canyon product for Points of Interest Google Map. I already contacted the developer to build me a custom version because of the license restriction but if a developers license for $149.95 or $249.95 or even $349.95 were offered, I’d buy. I’m about to submit a WordPress Post Planner plugin to Envato. I’m guessing they will set the price like most other plugins, if I had an option to OPT INTO a developers unlimited use license for say $150, I’d jump on it.

That would nice, and it appears they will address this too in a future update (following the post referenced). You can still get started without a developer license. TBH, nobody has ever contacted me asking for a dev license, and the extended licenses sold weren’t many, granted that i currently still have a niche product and i’m relatively new here but 179 sales later, not a single person asked for any specific license.

That said, the more licensing options we have, the better. I welcome a dev license, not sure how it would impact sales on my current item ( got more products in the pipeline) but i guess we’ll know when the option is available.

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Envato team

I’m locking this up, please continue the discussion within the main thread here :


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