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There is an Issue with the search within a portfolio.

If you are looking for layer styles in my portfolio for example and you do a search withing my porfolio you get only my layer styles… BUT … if you then order everything by “Sales” all of a sudden you see all layer styles from Graphic River ordered by sales… (And it was supposed to show only mine sorted by sales….)

I think that should be repaired as it is a great tool for the buyer and a great tool for the author. I use it as a link to all my items from a category. I have for example in my profile a link to a search of all layers styles within my portfolio. (That way I do not use collections where you have to manually update them every time you upload something new).

The problem is that I do not want potential buyers to get to a link like that, then sort everything by “Sales” or “Date” and all of a sudden be outside my “territory”... :)

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Haha, I did not know I had made so many ‘bokeh’ files :P

I think support should have a look, as a buyer might get confused.
Great eye hansv.

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What a weird problem Hansv!

this is the best community in the web, but certainly not the best with the “search function” on th web…