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Hey, folks!

I have 2 questions that perhaps are answered already somewhere else, but here they go:

1) Can I have the exact same song in different categories? For instance, a song being sold individually, than in a music pack, than as trax and then even as a source file? Except maybe for the source files, all other seem to target different types of clients or needs, so it would make sense.

2) Can I upload different versions of the same song? For example, a rock version, a piano version and a orquestral version. Again, targeting different markets.

Thanks for your time. Love to all!

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Envato team

Hi Andrew, here are the answers to your questions. :)

1. Unfortuately, that’s not possible for TRAX. The rules state that an item can be either TRAX or Royalty-free, but not both. Also, it’s not possible to have the same item in two separate music categories, e.g. one uploaded to romantic, and then the same uploaded to classical > piano.

What is allowed though, is including your accepted items in a music pack, however once an item is included in one pack, it cannot be reused in another pack.

2. Only one remix of a track is allowed to be submitted individually, and it has to be significantly different in terms of arrangement. If you have multiple remixes or other variations and would still like to have them available, then those have to be bundled (via the edit tab on the item’s page) with one of the 2 accepted files, up to a total of five variations included. If the first item is not uploaded yet, you can include the variations directly with the submission. In the above cases, all versions must be heard on the preview.mp3, one after the other, and the description must state each item included, along with its length.

That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell. You can also find this info here, on the upload help/instructions page – http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Live/Knowledgebase/Article/View/353

Hope that helps.