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Yesterday we got a email from DSThemes regarding this thread.

He asked us if we could help him to set up a script which allows customers to redeem their purchase code in order to give them special thing like access to a support forum.

We saw many threads where author ask for help on how to verify purchase codes and all that stuff.

That’s why we decided to write a small and easy to use PHP script.

It allows a author to set up a site where customers can verify their purchase code.

It is free for everyone. Gewora – Easy nVerify

We tried to make it as easy as we can and also added some examples. However you should at least understand a minimum of PHP and mySQL.

This is our second free script for envato authors. The other one is a api wrapper for Laravel: http://extras.envato.com/web-apps/laravel-4-envato-api-wrapper/

Let us know what you think about it :)