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If you want invoice for 200$ you deposit 200$, you get an invoice, then you withdraw those 1000$ that you earned.
That, my friend, is the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

My good idea was this one here:

“You get 800$ from envato you declare 800$. Nothing more, nothing less.”

don’t read only what you like.

Lol this is going in circles. I already told you, my company will have added $200 worth of assets which must be declared. You will probably get away without telling the tax agency that but it’s still a crime.

The UK tax system seems much easier. You could use the information on Envato without a problem, which we do.

I’d love to hear how you do it :)

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I’m not the one that does the accounts, but we’ve not had any problems with it. We state our incomings and outgoings. We state how much we’ve paid Envato, and how much has been received. Of course, we’re not a big business, and Envato isn’t a large part of what we do.

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well I’m not envato lawyer so I will stop defending them for now :)

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So you can show me a receipt? For a purchase?

That ORIGINATES from envato?


Only because I haven’t bought anything yet (whether Envato credits or a direct purchase). However, if I had, here in the UK the Paypal transaction details are sufficient for tax purposes. In fact, this is ideal, because it also includes details of foreign currency conversion applied at the time.

So, in answer to your question, no I can’t show you a receipt that originates from Envato, but I wouldn’t have any use for one since Paypal provide one.

I wonder whether, as someone else stated, tax is a simpler issue here…?

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I need an official receipt of my purchases. I wonder why there is no information about this really important matter?

The case where we use the materials is public, a stage show with swarm of people watching it. Can i even use videohive stuff for these kind of events?

How can i get official receipt which i can use for tax reduction ect..



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Envato team

Check out this Knowledgbase article for all the info about invoices and statements. I’m going to lock this thread down now because it’s really, really old :) Thanks!