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Either everyone used all their creative potential before Birthday Bundle went on or everyone is waiting for the new rates to come into effect, but the impossible thing was happened. VideoHive queue is 0 Which means it’s possible to get your item online within hours if you’re lucky, or at least next day.

However my original intention was to let you know that this is a good time to upload some new projects, but also you might want to share some previews of project that you’re working on. You know that strange feeling when your new project is almost ready and you want to show it to anyone. use this thread to post some screenshots or links to video preview.

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Yeah i noticed it yesterday really, i uploaded a file in the afternoon and it got accepted in the evening which i found very odd. Then today i upload another file and i was 4th in the queue ! ... I don’t know maybe people are waiting for beginning of the month and/or scared that birthday bundle made everyone spend their budget :P

Or everyone is on vacation :)