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I must admit that I’m a beginner when it comes to programming but so far Google and the WP codex have been a huge help but I have been struggling for hours with the following problem:

I have purchased a theme from TF that I customized myself and so far so good. But then I wanted the post description on the homepage to be ‘cut-off’ by a Read More tag because the post description cuts the text off by words, not by sentences.

When I add the <-!more-> tag to a post, it sometimes works depending on the point of the placement. Other times it simply disappears.

Again, since I’m a beginner I might be looking too hard and perhaps I’m overlooking the problem or if it’s an issue with the author’s theme. Could anyone please help me with this highly annoying issue?



P.S. I hope I’ve explained everything properly, if not I apologize!

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Check your theme’s file for the homepage, index.php unless its a custom home page template and look for “the_content();”, try replacing that with “the_excerpt();”

I can’t guarantee that will help as there are a number of possibilities but you tend to find the excerpt will cut off your content at a predefined number of characters keeping all at the same length.