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Hello community,

I am writing you all again to ask for donations of your songs I can sell on this account to help protect the coastal resources here in Roxas, Palawan, Philippines. I am a US citizen volunteering here and I am hoping you can all help out by donating a song/jingle of yours and its sales to help the people in these communities. Please check out my site for more details “http://audiojungle.net/user/Donate_Palawan”

If you do not feel like donating a song/file… please consider donating a few dollars from your next sale. Anything helps.

Currently, I am working on building a solar water distiller from my own pocket ($200), writing a grant proposal to see if I can get some funds to start a small audio/music studio at the extension college (had some people donate 1 behringer microphone and 1 midi keyboard) and teaching people how to cook with solar cookers (but typhoon season is fast approaching, hehe).

If you have anything you would like to donate… please do not hesitate to contact me.

So far this account has made $195, so there is a long ways to go… so please pitch in if you can… Paypal address is: AlbertLadica@Gmail.com (he is my Filipino fisheries counterpart).

thanks again, Maraming salamat sa inyo lahat (many thanks to you all in Tagalog), Forrest aka Vaisnava

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Hi, Vaisnava! I have sent my track for this account about three month ago, but don’t see it in your portfolio yet…You dont need my track?

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I have some files that I can give you. Those are project files, which for a weird reason/ error I can’t upload (it’s an AJ issue). If you can upload to “source files” category, then just PM me and I’ll send those to you.
Those are some “construction kits”, all 16 bit, acidized wav format.