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I know support sometimes gets a bad rep in the forums, but I’ve got to say, I couldn’t be happier with them.

One of my items got ripped off for the first time – like, shamelessly ripped off. Once I got over the fact someone could actually do that, I considered my options.
  • Hunt the kid down (because we all know real adults have a better conscience than that)
  • Comments galore on the item (which I know would get ‘reported’ but alas, I could have some fun there)
  • Email the kid using the mom voice, i.e. you should be ashamed of yourself! (this might have happened)
  • Contact Support

So, I drafted my first DMCA Notice, signed it, scanned it, and sent it along with a farewell-to-your-file kiss. In my ‘ok, now I just have to patiently wait and hope no one else buys the item’ moment, I sent out a little tweet to support. Within 24 hours, support tweeted me back, asked me my support ticket #, and that file is finally removed :)Thanks support, you guys rock.

My only suggestion with this being my first DMCA experience, is wishing I could apply a high priority to copyright infringements when submitting a support ticket. I hated seeing the file up and hated even more that someone could purchase the file while I waited for resolve.

Anyway, I would hate to be that kid’s karma :)

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Hey everytuesday,

Sorry to hear that!

I am very glad to see someone is hailing the Envato Support team for once! They do a great job behind the scenes and are thoroughly appreciated, at least by me.

Just a note, copyright discussion etc is not allowed on the forums, so please, let’s keep this thread clean and as a thank you to Support, or else I will have to lock it. :)

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Ups, dont so fast to lock :)