off topic - Warning to customers of Bank of America - PLEASE READ!!

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Anyone who has a Bank of America account would be well advised to check to see if they have any monthly occurring and unauthorized withdrawals from a company called “Smart Step Insurance” on their recent statements dating anywhere from now back to a year or more ago.

The story is such that I noticed about 8 months ago I realized that I had a series of these monthly recurring charges of $20 from this “Smart Step” Insurance company which I had never even HEARD OF much less ever authorized. So of course I called and had them stop billing me. That was last month. So guess what happens this month on the 8th? That’s right – they billed me AGAIN for $20. I had made it expressly clear to the company when I called last month that they WERE NOT TO CHARGE ME AGAIN , EVER. PERIOD . But they completely ignored that and went ahead anyway this month and I assume they will continue to unless I close the account.

As this company is actually affiliated with Bank of America – I would advise any current customers of Bank of America to close out their accounts and consider some other banking or credit union as (with the sheer amount of reports of scams coming from this company) you are probably at some sort of risk if you have not already been ripped off. I will be paying my local branch a very unpleasant visit this coming Monday be-it they choose to not immediately resolve this issue and refund my money as well as filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Again, I would urge others who have been hit with this to do the same.

- Josh Hunsaker