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Hello , I am actually a member of graphicsriver community. I am an ui designer. Recently i have been planning to release an app myself. I will do the designs obviously. And i was looking for a coder/developer of application on android platform. I am planning to start on February 2013. I know long time. But i am just doing my research properly before it starts. So i was basically looking for :

No. 1 a developer/coder obviously : So if anyone interested then feel free to share your work. I will write about the app later so similar experience would be nice :).

No.2 : Suggestion, i mean i cant code so i need suggestion and budget of the coder, which you can email me ofcourse.

Basically the app is pretty simple. Actually it sounds simple. I mean it is like those resutrant finder or something finder on map type of app. There will be a map of a city with information of the icons to show the places. And when the icons are pressed it will show info about that place. More like google map but way simpler. I haven’t thought about navigation, but i might also add it.

Ok hope i am not posting this in the wrong category. Basically i need suggestion on how much it may cost and time and everything. And also if anyone interested. I would keep their contacts. And will definitely contact when i am planning to start.

Regards Zunaid

Ps. Apology if i have posted it in the wrong category. :)

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Envato team

Check out Freelanceswitch :)

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@zun1989 good post, clean and concise.

Good luck.