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Hello Enabled,

Thank you for the amazingly detailed feedback, and for your time! And don’t worry, no offence taken, in fact, harsh criticism is the best for me, makes me want to strive for perfection!

Will look into every detail you provided and then some, I won’t settle for anything less! Will postpone my upload for another 1-2 weeks then, to polish even more. Can anyone answer me these 2 questions, though?

1) I have created 1 PSD main file (the index page), then built the HTML upon that. Then, I have another 10-20 PSD files with gallery boxes, hr line, etc. Maybe it would be better to work backwards and create a PSD for every page I provide instead?

2) Can I upload the file without documentation and the PSDs to check for approval, and if I get the OK, I round up the package, then upload proper? Or am I violating any rules?

Thanks again, Nikos Roussounelos

I’m very glad to hear you get motivated. I do the same, it’s always helped me learn more and strive for best possible quality. Regarding your questions:

1. I usually build the PSD file first. Using only Google Fonts, set to Crisp. That way, I’m sure it will be as close as possible to the HTML generated fonts. It all depends on how you can work faster and more efficient.

2. Well, if you do that, what is the purpose of learning from rejections? Reviewers don’t pre-review files to inform you if you should upload the full template because it’s good or not. They either reject you, or approve the file. If you do just upload and ask for a pre-review, you will get a very short message stating that you have uploaded the wrong files / your template is not ready yet. The only way to receive feedback is by contacting support. The exact instructions are presented in the bottom lines of your rejection e-mail.

Note: these are my personal opinions as an individual member and author of this community and not representative of Envato Staff or the Envato Item Reviewers. My personal opinion does not guarantee the approval of this file for sale on the Envato Marketplaces.

Thanks again for your time, Will look into the issues and work hard to perfect the theme. Also, I’ll be sure to wrap the package before uploading; thank you for clarifying that!

PS: When I got my first rejection, I thought I was the only one, and got so bumped. I know it’s a bit bad, but I’m glad I’m not the only one :-)