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This is the first item I’ve made exclusively for this market (and for any stock market). I made it in one day, then it was rejected because it didn’t meet the criteria. I then spent about one week improving it and it was finally approved. I was so sick of the tune that I decided to forget it for a while and then come back to see what it sounds like after I nearly forgot it.

Now I’m really surprised that it was approved in the first place. It sounds very amateurish; so much, in fact, that I really want to delete it. I even feel slightly embarrassed listening to it. But before I do, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

I’m obviously unable to objectively determine how much it’s worth. I really hate that track. What would you improve? To me, the whole thing is rather incoherent, badly mixed and composed, and has really glaring errors.

Here’s the link:



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Hey man, The song is pretty good and you clearly are a musician that knows what you’re doing so don’t beat yourself up about it. I’m pretty new to this site but I’ve done work in sound and production before. Firstly, the category you’ve placed your song under is one of the most popular in the whole site so the fact that you got your song approved is quite an achievement as the corporate-motivational section is quite saturated. So don’t sweat over it!! As for how to improve the piece, I’d really change the drums you’re using, the sound really robotic and aren’t suitable for this mostly acoustic piece. Try using sampled drums or a good acoustic loop. You could also do with switching up the drum patterns, you mostly use the same groove. Also the trumpet embellishments near the end sound a bit messy, I’d switch to simpler notes that sound cleaner. All in all it’s a nice song with good structure and ideas. The recommendations are just there to help you out man!!

Cheers, Tony