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As an author who is trying to get some word out there, build some community and earn from referrals I set up my wordpress blog where I publish my templates, offer free downloads and start to share some tips. What I find hard is to republish my items there. I’ve set up my item posts all in same style, but since they use shortcodes to display video in lightbox and list the features as well as highlight some other parts it’s quite a job setting each post up. So I was thinking would be nice to have a plugin where I could specify my marketplace item’s URL or ID and it would return info in the form of shortcodes.

what i mean is. I would set up the post template something like this <h1>[item-title]</h1><img src="[item-image]" /><a href="[item-link]">Buy [item-title] from here</a>

and then by just specifying items ID or URL my post would be filled with all necessary data.

Is there something like that already made or maybe someone wants to make it? I think there might be demand from authors.

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Nice idea, I would be happy to build that kind of thing but I need to know if anyone wants this kind of thing except from you.

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It would be more than amazing if you can build one, but a marketplace for e-commerce wordpress website.

With the following functions: - seller’s submit products for sale. - Seller pay a fee to site admin per item submited – like ebay.com. - Customers can sign up for both buyer and seller account. - unlimited number of sellers in store. - For each product – different shipping locations can be chosen by customers like amazon.com. - Payments are administered by admin.