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Dear fellow Envato artists,

we’ve been around for quite some time now and we remember one of Envato’s rules was to never imitate to the point of copying exisiting works. Nonetheless, we see this happening more and more – especially video templates “inspired” by movies & TV series’ opening titles, and even famous commercials – to the point of just being copies.

It’s quite easy to blatantly reproduce something that’s brilliantly made, as no thought-process goes into it, just a few good technical skills.

The reasoning behind the “do not copy/imitate other works” is because otherwise from today on we’ll all feel allowed to produce templates based on everything we see on TV or at the movies that we like, knowing for sure they will be successful. Where’s the originality factor?

And yet everyday we see new templates being published that even have the TV series’ titles! And lots of comments saying “bravo! it’s really like that XYZ movie or series” :confused: We see many of such templates being published and then being removed for breaking said rules. But how come the get accepted by reviewers in the first place? And we’re not talking about some obscure independent productions that a reviewer might not know, we’re talking big block-busters.

Also, don’t you think such important basic rules should have a clear – always visible – link on all marketplaces, in order for publishers (old & new) to read and revise them frequently, instead of having to go search through Support pages & FAQ? Our main concern is that such important rules are kind of hidden away in a labyrinthic Support section, therefore making it difficult to abide by them.

Let us know your thoughts about this issue

Cheers y’all :smitten: the ED team