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Most of us have the most basic information on our 404 pages, and it usually is a neglectes page. These guys over here had a great idea! I’m not saying add this in your stock files, but why not on our pages! It might make a difference! Who knows!

The idea is brilliant! Thought it was worth sharing!


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Let’s say this….. if my mom will came across this page she will say whats this site for ? :P .

This is one of the topics where you need to think as a user and not as a developer, less and clear is better for 404 and not trying to save the world ….. my 2 c`

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Good intention but will not help finding children as well as will not help the user to quickly realize the page actually not something they wanted to reach. A single line message is the best help we can do to website visitors when it comes to 404.

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I like the intentions, but I agree with tsafi and VF. It’s just bad UX when a user has to spend a few moments to realise that the 404 page is actually an error page and not part of the website. It would be completely inappropriate on most websites, too.

Besides, I strongly doubt that it is very effective. When I refreshed the page, missing children within a radius of roughly a thousand kilometers popped up – the odds that I’ve seen them (and not heard about it in the local news) are very, very, very slim. Imo local media are the solution for finding lost children, not something global like this.

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It’s Commendable :) Thanks For Sharing :)