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Nevertheless it’s great. I am imagine the app has push capabilities. Cha-ching in real time. Woot! I am OK if it’s not free ;-) but use reasonable price please.
I’m thinking, now that Apple enable in-app purchasing from free apps, the app could be free and there might be some advanced features as an upgrade. I don’t think I could make a fortune off this app anyways… :)

A fortune is a lot :-), but I’m sure any Envato user with an iphone would buy your app. Depending on the features in the app I would be more than happy to pay between 5 and 20$ for such an app. Maybe you can starte a new post to see how many people here have an iphone ?

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Hello all!

We have released a native Mac OS X application that sits in your status bar and periodically checks for new sales using Envato Marketplace API .

Main features
  • Nice sound (dropping coins) when new sales detected
  • Growl integration
  • Current account balance and total earnings display
  • Sales count display

And the best thing is: its FREE

Download from this page

It is still in Beta, however so if any issues occur feel free to contact me at (find contact information on download page)

Any plans in making an app for the iPhone or iTouch? :)

Thanks!! great work