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I am competing in a number of commercial contests where the winners receive monetary compensation in exchange for a variety of rights to the video. I want to use AudioJungle tracks (and have done so for previous contests) but I want to make sure a regular license would coverage the usage.

Here’s the legal info from the site.

“Whilst Users will continue to own any material they upload to the Site, MOFILM , unless otherwise stated, owns or controls all relevant intellectual property rights in the Site and the Content.”

“If you upload any film, recorded music, text, photographs, graphics or other materials to the Site, you hereby warrant and represent that you personally created, wrote and produced such content and all materials contained within such content, or that you have written permission from or are authorised by the owner(s) of those materials for such use.”

Anyway, I’d love to know whether or not the regular license will work for this.


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Envato team

Please could you contact support@envato.com with full details of the competition(s) and Web sites (please provide links) so we can look at their terms and conditions in more detail. We’ll then be in a better position to answer your question. It mostly depends on what the people are going to do with the video/music after you’ve submitted it. Many thanks! :)