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Hey guys,

I tried to upload my first file to themeforest just recently and it was declined for the following reason:

“We’ve declined your submission due to its current level of design quality”

And then it goes on to say:

Q: What, specifically, is wrong with my submission’s design?

A: Unfortunately we’re not always able to provide specific feedback. A design must meet a certain level of quality standards before we will be able to point out specific issues you will need to fix for approval. You might read our guide on common factors that result in a declined submission.


So I read that over and I still can’t figure out exactly whats wrong with my design quality.

It goes on to say to ask help from the forum,

Q: I need more feedback, who can I ask or where should I look?

A: If you’re unsure how to proceed and need further feedback, you might consider asking for input from other community members and designers via our forums. http://themeforest.net/forums/

So I am asking for you help from you guys. This is my first file submission to themeforest, I usually upload to activeden so I understand things need to be of good quality. Please be kind, here is a link to a preview.


If I have miss posted something, I apologize.

Thanks, Scott