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Tip for you about the reverb: Don’t place it directly on to the piano channel/track, it only needs a subtle amount.

Read about send/return channels.

It’s amazing how many people don’t understand how to utilise reverb correctly. No offence intended, I’m just trying to help.
Sorry, but almost every reverb plugin got a dry/wet knob. It is not necessary to work with send/return. The only advantage of s/r is to be able to apply it on almost every track in your session, ... but if it is just about one ir two instruments, it is perfectly fine to use reverb as an insert as long as you don’t leave wet on 100% ;)

Yes, but placing a reverb plugin directly on to the piano track is going to be interfering with the whole signal. He doesn’t want that.

Using the send to do it means you can process a whole lot more without damaging the sound you are processing.

Using a send is much more than allowing you to use it on multiple tracks. If you think reverb is just a case of applying dry and wet to achieve the effect you’re after? Then I have to strongly disagree with you here. :)

Place a reverb on a piano track channel and check out how it’s effecting the dynamics of other instruments. Hopefully you’ll see what I’m getting at here.