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Yes indeed.. some are still using the oldies PS version and still wanna complain not even realise that they had only spend on as low as $8.

People are hard to please nowadays!

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Hotpin said
Someone send me the same but he was using Ps 7 and i told him to download Cs3 and up to modify it but still he was complaining that the files didnt work! so waht we can do in this case just prove them that they dont read before they buy? or to be polite or even dont even bother :)

I had someone wrote to me saying, how do I make this a custom image – I don’t have Photoshop.

I thought, “what!”

I helped them out as they had some art online I used in one of my actions and gave her what them what they thought they wanted in the first attempt.

But for something complicated I would state – “well, this item needs more customization then you can produce using that version of the software – I could customize it for you for for $XX.00. Most people buy these templates knowing what they will do with them and usually have compatible software.”

Yes, people can be tough these days about getting a great item at such a reduced price.