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I recently had my computer blocked from certain sites that run cloudflare – I was quite taken aback as the warning message stated that I had been posting blog spam (which really confused me ‘cos I DON ’T do comment spam).

Been a concerned citizen of the internet community I ran a virus check on my mac and found nothing, so I ran another one and found a serious threat (using another app), which I removed.

I’ve just changed my email address as I’ve just purchased a new domain and of course I went to various sites last night to do a bit of email updating, now when I access sites blocked by cloudflare I get blocked because

Your computer appears to be stealing email addresses from websites.

Should I be worried that my Mac is really getting up to no good and spewing out harmful content or is cloudlfare in overkill mode?

Just as a side note I recently also started receiving some really weird email which I blocked (the type along the lines of “I’ve seen your photos and you’re totally my type…. my skype is blah,blah) I know that DA had some issues recently and was also wondering if there was maybe a connection?