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Hi folks-

I just wanted to post a quick greeting since I’m not really sure how to get started in these forums. I’ve been on audiojungle since January, just dipping my toe in the water. I’ve already made three sales which excites me to no end. I am adding a lot more songs, hoping to gain more success.

If anyone needs any help or wants to connect for collaboration of any kind, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I’m always happy to share ideas and build community.

I’m new at this so I was wondering if anyone might have information on the following:

1. I’d like to start a Wordpress site to compliment my audiojungle account. Does anyone have suggestions for themes that might suit this venture particularly well? The one I’ve seen so far that has captured my fancy is a theme called “audiology” (http://themeforest.net/item/audiology-responsive-wordpress-audio-theme/1536305)

2. Do any of you blog or twitter for your audiojungle endeavor? I want to start doing that but am completely unsure of what to write in my posts/content besides just listing songs and descriptions.

Thanks for any insights and I look forward to hearing your music!!


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hey sebastian, welcome :) I’m also relatively new to AJ and I wanted to start a wordpress site. For now I’m going with weebly, because it is much easier and faster for me than wordpress, it looks ok and the audiojungle player is really easy to integrate. ( you can check my site basspartout.weebly.com , it is set up with ridiculously little effort or you can check sweetwaveaudio’s site, from him I got the idea about weebly.
Before weebly I triede posterous, it looked great, but it was soooo slow and it was not so easy to implement the audiojungle player.
Maybe you’re a wordpress expert, but if you’re not and you soon will find out that apart from composing, recording, mixing, mastering….. it takes a lot of time to maintain AJ profile and item sites AND an additional homepage, weebly could be something for you, too. ( btw, I’m not making any money advertising weebly here, I just like it and it works for me atm. )
On your second question: I started using twitter and i follow some of the successful authors here on AJ and try to learn from their posts and strategies of advertising.
Greetings and best of luck to you, Basspartout. :)