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Is it me? Or is a little bit tricky?
For example… when you go over the “All Files” menu item… you get that sub-menu that shows “Popular Files, Top Authors, Top etc”. Is it clear enough for the user that to get the list with All Files.. it needs to click on … All Files box? Or, to him, the All Files area acts just mechanism to show the things he can click?
I tend to click on the Popular Files…

Same thing works for the other menu items…

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We can’t complain for such things (what you pointed is actually small (or even ok) compared to other few things).

I assume everything happening is experiment. Not sure when real implementation will start. There are many things under experiment (or running with wrong decisions for a long time). For example in Activeden, we don’t have specific popular files page for “site Templates”, “Video Players,” “Image Viewers” etc but those options are possible for Flex and Unity3D.

Fine, Flex & Unity are Top level categories. But staying backwards in terms of sales and DEMAND and clearly no signs of future boost. Why not specific Popular Files page for “Site Templates” etc. We all know much efforts spent on Site templates side than Flex but we can’t complain, what a failure on decision making while not having specific weekly top seller page for Site templates but having such thing for flex, unity3D phew! I see a Flash hater inside Envato’s team, or steve Jobs teamed with them? :D

Again, we are just suggesting to a private company. We can’t expect there will be some ear that hears (personally I have enough proofs). I don’t think suggestions / complaints no longer going to be considered. I would suggest every author to “Just make files”, improve your strategies. You are wasting time, if you have something to suggest them, especially making a new thread!

This place can shine better if authors considers it as professional marketplace rather than a community.