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I know this will never get resolved since we allready talked about it. Nevertheless I would like share my problems
1.) I can’t edit FAQs
Since I can’t preview the entry I have to save it, view it, delete it and start over again
2.) Doesn’t look (so) nice
for instance the <ol> tags uses lowercase roman numerals for counting
3.) No deeplinkimg
FAQs have no id so I can’t link to them by using a hash at the end of the URL . If I redirect users to this section the only see the first entry which doesn’t solve their problem in most cases
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point 1) and 3) are specially important. It would be great if the devs implemented those features.

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+1 with the realisation that this will never happen.

Because those who started the marketplaces were kidnapped by aliens couple of years ago. And since the current team of staff doesn’t have better connection/understanding like them, they couldn’t complete obviously simple features.

So we are kindly requesting the aliens of planet DaDaDoo to release our loyal staffs and allow them to continue the good service like they did before.

VF from Earth.

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I don’t use the FAQs for these reasons:

1. No search 2. No grouping 3. No re-ordering 4. Ugly typography

Agreed, Envato can’t be trusted to improve this. You’re better off making a simple HTML page of FAQs yourself and doing it right (that’s what I did).

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Envato team

Hi everyone. A quick tune-up of the FAQs is part of the work I want to get done on item support, which is our next major focus. Specifically, I was pretty shocked to learn that there was no editing and re-ordering. The other points you’ve raised are also important. I can’t promise we’ll get all of this done in the first pass, but I’m listening.

Our typography is ugly everywhere :)

@GravityDept have you got an example of an external FAQ page you’ve made that shows the need for grouping and search (it’s probably pretty detailed, so it’d be great to see it in action).