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@Mark, Where can you talk? Envato support or Private message ?Which is the best for my questions ? I’ve clearly understood with my colleagues here that’s not the place to talk, I prefer leave this thread with all my apologies… I would not create more noise here, sincerely it was not my idea… Regards

The forum’s actually a good place to discuss these things. Just try to avoid linking to an item if it’s not crucial to the content of the post. Some users perceive this as self promotion, even if it’s not intended as such. I’m not usually bothered about a link to someone’s work here or there if it’s relevant to the topic at hand and its primary objective is not self-promotion.

At the moment, you can’t submit any E3D content. There’ll certainly be an announcement about it when it’s allowed (probably in the thread about Element 3D that’s stickied at the top of the forum). Unfortunately, in terms of pre-renders or motion graphic content, it’s never going to be allowed.

Submitting your countdown project as a project file where the user also needs to have Element 3D is a very good idea. In fact, I suspect it’ll sell better like that than as a motion graphic.

Many thanks to be courteous with me Ben, I like a lot. If anyone had open the vimeo link, he could see that’s not really autopromotion, It is a draft I have made for probing if anyone who already got E3D , could be interested by an potential template project like that. For me it was not a self promotion, especially in view of the title of this thread “Element 3d Template Ideas—what will authors produce first?”...

Anyway, like I said above, I prefere leave this thread before making more noise or dispute between us and I apologize one last time for the inconvenience…