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I’been thinking about this lately and so I decided to share my idea with you.

It’s been asked a few times before that Envato provides a tool for partnership accounts. Or for just some items that certain author made with a partner, but submitted to his own personal account.

So, I though that it would be useful (at least in my case) if there is an option to check earnings just as they appear now on the Earnings page, with the difference that it does not take all items into the calculation, but just only items from a certain (private) collection that user created for this purpose.

This way an author could easily track the amount of money he earned from items he did with a partner (or with many different partners… a collection for each…?). This could also probably help authors in tracking down which groups of items sell better, etc…

So, what do you guys think, is it useful and/or possible to implement?