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Hy everyone.
Every once and a while I’m searching the web for new quality designers to see their work. Sometimes I don’t have time to accept all my clients projects and would love to pass it on to someone that can do it very good and responsible. I know that I can browse through some popular CSS or design galleries but I thought we could have a small or big designers database here on TF.
So I would like to ask you to drop a link to your portfolio. I’ll share mine for the start.


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Portfolio: http://www.cetan.ca

I’m still working on the new version, but a majority of it is completed. I just need to code the blog, and move my forum from my other site over then design the layout.

I’d love to take some work off anyone’s hands if they feel they’re too busy. Feel free to check out my resume on my portfolio for a list of my capabilities.

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I think a similar concept that would be a great idea as well would be to have some sort of site that connects designers with developers, and vice-versa, exclusively for ThemeForest. It seems that there are a lot of people who either do coding and need someone to create a design, or people who do PSD templates and need them coded.