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But when i tell people you can get HTML temples here for $12 they take it not so serious and always ask me what’s the catch ? ….
When I first saw our html template priced at $15, it sort of felt like a shot in the gut. But after seeing that it has a good chance to eventually crack 1,000 sales, which many templates on TF do, the end result is still wildly profitable.
Ho yes i think describe it as “crime against humanity ” no one really no why one sell 100 or 1000 time i am sure if you didn’t get the 1000 mark you won’t think the same ,and like i say before the stronger the item market, price will drop in time ,and if some new dev see WP selling 30 -35 dollar he will just move on, take now Drupal templates can go up to 50-70 dollar and that’s really not a shifter change then WP on the concept, in time it will be $30 .

But really man what do i care :P

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Hey. Thanks for all your responses they’ve all been very interesting to read and some good points have been thrown out there.

I’m bumping this for more front page exposure so that we can hopefully get some more replies :)