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Hey everyone!

I need the communities help on the next episode of my podcast Sounds Like An Earful. The episode is all about consonance vs. dissonance. It will be structured like a debate, some guests arguing that music needs MORE dissonance, others stating that it needs less.

If anyone here is interested, I would really love it if you could sit back, think of a good argument for, or against dissonance; and then record yourself on your computer/phone/whatever you use. Here are a few ideas to start you thinking, but feel free to say whatever you want…..

Should art entrance us with a romanticized view the world, or violently shake us awake from our everyday lives?
What is and isn’t ‘pleasing’ (aka consonant) is very subjective and has changed over time… Is there actually an objective consonance or is it only a fabricated limitation?
Does embracing dissonance when creating music basically mean, “Who cares, I can do whatever I want and its good no matter what anyone says!” ?

I’d like to get this episode completed this week, so the deadline for submissions will be Wednesday, November 2nd. Email me your recordings (wav or mp3) at chrispostill@gmail.com ! Pass it along to friends too, the more the merrier!

Thanks a lot everybody, Christopher Postill