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Hey guys! Glad to hear the talk was somewhat audible. The conference didn’t do a recording, so I just hit record on my laptop. Unfortunately I have a tendency to pace around on the stage and make wild hand motions, so that’s why the sound goes in and out.

Hey m8, you are correct about Collis. I also have the greatest respect for such a successful entrepeneur. But you have to be honest that we do want an update from time to time here on the forums for the folks who can’t attend at such meetings.

See, the things hey told you about the future of the marketplaces is something hey should share with all of us, this way we all know what’s hapening behind the scenes.

Like stated before, i don’t want to offend anybody and I do have the greatest respect for Colis, Envato and all others who are involved. They made it all happen. Just want some updates about what’s cooking.

It’s true, I really should be here more often. It’s getting tougher and tougher though I must say. These days I seem to spend most of my days in meetings and racing through email backlogs.

I’m hoping over the new year break to have a little time to think how I can try to change up my work schedule to have more time for things like popping on to the forums (and resting ;-) )

Thanks Collis, to be honest we also miss you around here ;). Been a member around for 5 years (different account) and i do recall the good ol’ days that once in a while we hear something from you here about the status of Envato and new things to come etc etc.

I also understand that running such a big company the work pressure is tremendous and the hours in a day are to short.

Thanks for the reply, means a lot.

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Very inspiring talk right there. Made me have something to think about this December – a good launchpad for the coming year.

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Thanks collis for inspiring us like always with your excellent wisdom and knowledge.