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Hello all !

I’m wondering how do you edit your profile page for the collections ? i really find it difficult.. If you add a new collection it comes directly at the first position, so you have to deselect a song from another collection and put it in again if you want this one to stay at the first position… ‘m not sure to be clear ?

And also in each item you have to edit it in html to put collection in it, but if you do some change you have to re-edit all items ? Am i missing something ? Hope they’ll devellop some easy drag&drop and edit facilities because now it’s a lot of time lost for all this…

How are you handling all that ?...

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On your profile’s bottom show last edited/added collections. You may add to profile description your own choosen collections in html. Unfortunately changing something in collection pictures needs updating in every file that has it in html description. That’s a real pain with editing my portfolio.