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I currently have a request (freelance job) for a cartoon type of 3D animation, using a cartoon character, and since it’s not really my expertise I’m considering outsourcing.

To those interested, contact me through my profile and I’ll give some more of the details.

Basic project information

40 to 90 sec animation about security procedures in an auditorium/theater (escape routes, emergency exits, fire extinguishers etc).

- auditorium/theater will need to be have visual of the actual theater (i might do that myself but whoever has interest, specify if you are or are not able to include/create that part and recalculate your price accordingly)

  • final version will need basic flexibility (needs to be able to walk, talk, move his arms, point hands/finger and so on)


• Young, working age and Male

• Strong, in a healthy generic style

• Realistic looking, not a caricature, facial expressions important.

• Someone who gives the sense of confidence, whose facial expressions you can trust.

• Moreno, Brazilian looking. Below is one example we showed them.

Character will need company uniform, so with logo on cap/uniform and will put on a fireman’s helmet

! 3 to 4 different versions, after second meeting a more concrete idea of final version will be discussed.

Timetable 2 weeks for initial demonstration versions. Whoever is interested, give me a quote with a bit of leniency upwards in your price. Expect a little bit of extra time needed adjusting and post-editing. I’ll be outsourcing it so I will only act as intermediary and pass price-quotes on to my customer (he’s the one who’ll be presenting the demos to his customer)

No full animation yet needed, only demo versions of the character variations. But also include a rough quote of your price of a final 40-90 second animation according to specs above. To avoid surprises later.

Contact me through my profile contact form P.