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The Irony is: what these guys obviously dont realize is, that by tagging their track exactly like a bestseller, this bestseller will also show up as similar item ON THEIR page.

And this is why this feature is completely nonsense… I keep saying that Envato should teach new (and obviously some “elite author”) authors that stoling stuff from popular tracks are not going to help them and promote their music. Only quality could promote your music.

Basspartout, we could discuss about numbers out of the forum if you want :) cause i don’t want more troubles with these “tags and titles” thieves !! :)

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First: I think that similar tracks must be in the same category as the track on the page where they appear.
Secondly: to make just button the “similar tracks” with a subsequent transition to a separate page where the will show similar tracks
Third: the tracks must be similar not only by category and tag, but also on other parameters: speed, track length (example: 30 seconds or up to 2 minutes)
Then for some will be harder to cheat. Just a thought :)

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The Irony is: what these guys obviously dont realize is, that by tagging their track exactly like a bestseller, this bestseller will also show up as similar item ON THEIR page. And because they obviously have little faith in their own craft/music (otherwise they clearly wouldnt resort to such practice!) it is very likely that these tracks won’t measure up to these bestsellers, and guess what buyers will do if offered a REAL and great alternative in the first ‘similar items’ spot? ;)

Well said. But i have to admit, that in my very first days i had no clue about tagging my tracks properly (lack of english) and “stole” some tags from similar (musicaly/instrumentation) tracks :( But then, this didn’t lead customers to a “wrong” tagged track.

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Hi, I have posted on this in the recent past – I earned $133 in two weeks from a good selection of my catalogue, sales were not focused on one track, and were steady. after registering my withdrawal – BANG ! – no more sales. in fact, no more sales full stop… it has now been around three weeks and still my account sits at $0.00. I haven’t changed my routine.

I have now started taking screen shots of the popular page as every author/song appears to be the same EVERY week! They are good songs sure, but so are mine, (and so are so many other authors) and they were going great guns three weeks ago! I find it very hard to believe that the “top ten” can be hitting up to 40 – 60 sales each every week when you have such a broad wealth of talented writer/producers… it’s like you have sourced out to get us all on-board and at the same time, you only appear to be giving continuity and focus to a limited few! simply by having a charted page titled “most popular” immediately limits the searcher, and isolates every last one of us. Some simple research will tell you that offering the most popular as an option alongside reams of other stuff means a searcher will go only to the most popular!!! no brainer guys! – “hi, I know you are in a mad rush, but would you like to rummage through this bunker full to the brim of stuff, or perhaps you would like to go straight to these 15 items that are perpetually found to be brilliant” .....

Come on chaps, you want us to garnish you with a starting rate of 50% yet you are not giving every member an even swing. Although all your models will tell you this and that; as long as you subliminally advise clients what is deemed as the best and must-have work, why the hell will they ever want to look deeper 9 times out of 10? It isn’t rocket science; they do not have the time – they WOULD find the time if they had had no “best deals” stand near the front door.

The fact that we are all expected to completely self-promote ourselves wouldn’t sting as much if you actually helped push EVERYONE to show your full diversity – after all, you are extremely keen with every new addition, and quite rightly so – you vet every work to a high standard to keep the content and products sounding professional – and then you keep them in the dark cupboard!

I will be watching how things progress, and hopefully we will soon see some changes that helps everyone who has earned the right and passed the QC to be here, to sell their talents in a fair and open field SRW

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Envato team

Hi Envato

This is a important feature, hope it works well!

You are great, friends!