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There are too many HIPPO’s working at Envato.

HIPPO = Highest Paid Person’s Opinion

Fire those people and hire people who are more open-minded. We see these HIPPO’s Making decisions based off of opinion / belief and not actual facts… this is becoming a huge problem around here in my humble opinion.

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Envato team

Locking a thread when a solution has not been given or anything resolved is very annoying and basically cutting off all means to any type of answers

Just to help clarify things a bit, when it’s a Support issue and the last known details have been provided by a Staff member, we will typically lock the thread at that point until further information is known.

In the past we have left them open and the official answer has scrolled off which resulted on the same questions being posted over and over again. Locking the thread is nothing against the original poster or the question. It is simply a much more efficient way to let everyone know that we are aware of the issue and any progress we are making on it. Thanks!

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In the end there will be just “we are sorry” which to be honest doesn’t work any more, as i stated before if we do a no no in our work we suffer for it in various way. But envato is secured with legal terms we are not. Sadly all online businesses enforce contracts with I agree or go away option, and the legal texts get update regularly.

Well this is off topic anyway’s…. welcome back if I didn’t say till now :)

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@Collis, I thought this issue will be solved immediately when it comes to your attention – but so far no official response. Is this a temporary Ad campaign or a permanent navigation element?


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^ when this was first put in place, I was searching for something and scrolled down. It didn’t look like there was another page to go to at first. I bet many new buyers are thinking the same…

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Welcome back, Collis! Good to see the captain back on the bridge.

I think what I’d most like to see going forwards is an increased sense of responsibility from Envato towards its users and the industries that it is in no small way starting to displace. I don’t think it was ever your intention, Collis; but it would be a terrible shame if Envato’s major achievement were to become the undermining of the very industries on which it depends. Bringing design and creativity to a broad audience is a noble cause, but selling the same stuff at the same price to the big advertisers and multinational conglomerates (the last refuge for anything better than subsistence wages in our industries) is not good.

Perhaps it’s all just a natural extension of a globalised, digital world. But as Envato grows and consolidates its position as one of the biggest players in this brave new field, the responsibility towards its users needs to grow too. I would love for Envato to be perceived as a positive and sustainable resource across the industry, but I’m aware that most creative workers I speak to, including those who are authors here don’t currently feel that way.

Greater acknowledgement of the skills and time that the authors here put into their work (even the novices), a move away from the quantity over quality thinking and “race to the bottom” pricing, would be a great start.

Apart from that, how about hiring Jonathan 01? :-)

This list is great…

Here’s my list fwiw:
  • Improve things – don’t just change them.
  • Regain the trust of your users (both buyers and authors)
  • Stop trying to cross promote everything, it looks all google up in here
  • Focus on quality, not just quantity
  • Go back to being an approachable company, not a corporation
  • Get this site up to basic standards of 2014 – that’s a huge list
  • Make better decisions as a CEO in whom you put power
  • Listen to your users
  • Act quicker on some ideas
  • Act slower on other ideas
  • Stop breaking the sites functions and just improve them
  • Get this community back together by creating a more level playing field for all addressing exposure concerns by redeveloping the site to become more search orientated rather than posters of new and best selling only
  • Encourage updates to items by either adding focus on updates or reducing focus on new / best sellers – right now there is NO incentive for authors to make massive updates to files
  • This list could go on for ever
  • Stop making lists and start action
  • You’re not reading this anymore are you?

All the very best in your transition Collis, sorry it came to you having to come back down the ladder, but in all honesty it’s your puppy, your decisions that got us here, and your decisions will set the future – with great power comes great responsibility as they say, and the CEO is ultimately responsible for steering the ship.


Good luck with the 100 day plan!

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also while I’m here, what the previous post is saying have some truth. I took my time to post in the 2020 goal thread, was thinking there will be a dialogue between Collis and the people that posted there. Would had been nice.

There is no dialogue, unless authors or customers post something that fits in with what Envato are planning to do anyway. I’ve been on here long enough now to realise it’s a waste of time posting suggestions and feedback – tricky topics are ignored and/or threads are locked. Envato are depressingly old-school corporate at heart.

On the plus side there are some fantastic authors selling superb products so I’ll carry on spending money here, but the ‘community’ facade is just marketing.