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I would like to request two things:

1. An idea on how to protect Envato Authors.
2. An announcement from Envato on what they are currently planning to protect their authors.

1. My idea is based on the issue that a lot of authors across all marketplaces are worried due to the ‘sales reversal policy’.
While I understand that PayPal has final say due to their rules, there has to be some way of protecting your authors.
Needless to say a valid reversal is fine – If the account was actually frauduently used. However there is no real way of getting the truth.
So a few things:

1. When a buyer purchases an item they have a set amount of time to reverse the sale BEFORE the item has been downloaded.
2. When a buyer goes to download the item they are taken to a page which warns them that once downloaded they CANNOT reverse the payment.
3. When a buyer purchases an item they are provided with a unique reference number, once used there is no going back.
4. Envato looks at improving the withdrawal/payment facilities, rather than use PayPal provide other withdrawal methods which do not require $500 to be present before the transaction.

2. I would like Envato to post an announcement to its authors, detailing and explaining what it plans to do to protect its authors, time scales etc.


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I’ve not experienced a sale reversal yet, but to be honest with you, there’s not much anyone can do about this problem, as it’s at PayPal’s side of things.