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As a new author I am seeking advice or suggestions to a recent rejection. I uploaded a pack of audio which included a female voice speaking the letters of the alphabet and numbers, fairly basic..

The audio pack was rejected and the reason sited was “The file did not meet our criteria”, and the email went on to say that there was nothing wrong with my submission and that the submission “offered very little utility to our audieance”. No other information, feedback, or suggestions were given. Therefore I am seeking some advice on this situation as, especially from some of the senior members of the marketplace. Before I provide my perspective I will first say I respect the decisions of the reviewer(s) and the rules of the site and am only posting hopes to see where I went off the tracks, no pun intended.

Again, the audio pack consisted of spoken letters “A”-“Z” and numbers “0-9” and is a subset of spoken words for each key on a standard computer keyboard.

I disagree with the statement that these sounds provided little or no utility to the audience. I have seen numerous audio files on the marketplace that had huge sales and be nothing more than a beep. There are various voice overs on this site that provide just a countdown and/or random phrases. Who knows or can say what is useful, in my opinion these spoken letters and numbers can be utilized numerous projects, here is just a few examples:

- An app/project that uses a virtual keyboard where audible feeback is desired
- An app/project that provides some benefit to the visually imparied
- An app/project, or other project for teaching childeren their 'ABC's
- An arcade game that annouces the initials selected by a player during highscore screen
- An app/project that requires a count-up or countdown such as "3..2..1", etc.

This is just a few off the top of my head. Would I of sold any of these packs, who knows and would it eventually get removed by the moderators for lack of sales after a specific time frame, who knows? I believe if the audio falls within the quality standards and is not something that is overally saturated in the marketplace it should be the consumers that make the ultimate decision on the usefullness.

My only other issues is that being a new author and truly wanting to belong and provide great and useful content, I would be given more detailed reasons and/or suggestions as to how I could improve and/or alter my submission. Nothing was useful….sorry try again seems a little vague.

Thank you to all that read this post and who have or will comment with/without suggestions.


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I totally agree with the author.

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Hello Onyx

Don’t worry about it to much. I had the same reason rejections lately on “special” or “niche” files. I just upload them usualy as free content to my website ;)

You have to keep in mind, that every single person has another view of things. One thinks this could be of great use, while another would not see any use for it. Reviewers will always decide, if there could be a majority of customers being interrested in that particular file. So, as i could see many places where your file is useful, it is something special and many of the customers probably have a basic 1-9 number voice recording already.

Keep on uploading, and you will shortly have your first sale for sure :)