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I would assume acquiring an extended license for a song or music pack would be needed to include a song in the game. I was also going to look for some sick sound effects.

It’s difficult to completely understand the license agreement but what I would be doing is creating an app or game and finding some songs and sfx here to create my soundtrack. The plan is to release the apps and game for free but I would be making revenue off ads placed within the game and app. The use will definitely receive credit. Is this violating the license agreement?

If so is there some place where I can get royalty free music for my games and apps as cheap as music is here at audio jungle?

Thanks in advance for responses.

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If the game is available for free, than you should be fine with a regular license. Credit to the artist is always appreciated and encouraged, but not required by the license.

As long as the music/sound is not part of a pay-to-use or pay-to-access app or part of the app, than go with the regular license. If say, it was used in an upgrade requiring an in-app purchase, then an extended license would be required. For example if maybe there were bonus levels players can buy, and those contain music and sound effects.

Of course, if you’re making money from ads placed in the game and felt like supporting the author for their great work by buying an extended license, you will certainly be covering all bases. But not required to the best of my knowledge.

Happy hunting!

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AJ is probably the cheapest stock place and this site takes only best stuff so probably you’ll find there quality items quickly. Happy hunting!

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As SchwartzSound said above, as far as your game is free to obtain and use, regular license should be sufficient. Ads are not the problem, because you’re not getting your revenue directly from the end user who plays the game. At least that’s what I remember reading on forum discussions about licenses in the past few days.

And yes, I’ll join fxprosound’s wishes: Happy hunting! :)