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Envato team

There’s been quite a few apps released by this great community to help authors track their sales and statistics. I have a little idea for another app to help authors that falls outside of the standard stats information. And I’m in the process of mocking it up in my free time.

The app is a small little side project of mine, and there’s no money to be made. But if you’d be interested in coding up a neat little AIR app to give back to this wonderful community, reply here and let me know.

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shotgun! Been wanting to do this for a while, get in touch :)

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the very first idea of this things has been provided by me even when there were no api.. that thread which includes my “Currency Viewer” have had the most posts ever till that time.. than the idea all spread out and api came out

and with the abilities of the api, the applications lost the basic idea.. i would prefer just seeing my income instantly… that’s all… no need to see all statistics about who bought the file, when did he buy etc.. there was just a link to site if you want to see the details..

if you are creating an application, i suggest you to keep it simple… when it gets complicated with tabs, menus etc… i would prefer browsing site itself instead of browsing in the application…

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How about improving the API ;)

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I was just looking at the API , wanted to do an air app.

so i might help in my free time.