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This is slightly off-topic but I have to vent. I’m at college and the computers we use have IE6 on them, to get around a problem with the online learning resources (something to do with certification). No tabs, no bookmarks toolbar, no spellcheck… it’s hellish.

I assume they still have USB ports somewhere accessible so why not use Firefox portable? http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable

Just put it on a USB flash drive and you’ll have FF with you all the time. :-)

Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to use or install any software that isn’t already on the system. I’m not sure if this would include FF portable, but I’ll find out.

Thanks for the suggestion and link :)

EDIT : Also, FF is already installed on the system I use, but it doesn’t work.
if your at college then you’ll have to alter the connection settings, it probably goes through a proxy server… look at the IE6 connection settings and copy / paste ;)

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks :)

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For me Firefox and its helpful and useful plugins.

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The plugins for Firefox = <3
My point exactly. I love them too, but my next door neighbour won’t see the point – he doesn’t want to decode Tinyurl links, add Userscripts to websites or debug his HTML . ;)

1. Fire fox has an issue with centering backgrounds in non common resolutions and screws up layouts

2. Firefox cannot read html when it has flash background

3 . Firefox flash mousescroll does not work on as2 files when wmode transparent

4. Firefox cannot login ftp without plugin

5. Firefox cannot save webpages like IE can

Just a few that I can remember off the top of my head.

IE has it’s own issues also.

None of the two are better then the other. They are both the best to use

As far as which is used more don’t read the bullshit statistics that different sites claim.

I have several sites out there with tens of thousands of visitors each month. awstats show that 70% + of users access the sites via IE

+1 but you will p**s off a lot of the people on here saying that. Good luck.