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I understand man. The thing that is interesting to me is that everyone is assuming that the longer wait times are because of upload flooding by particular authors. While this may be the case, no one official has responded. Maybe there is a back-end issue? Maybe someone has been sick for a few days? Maybe etc. etc. etc.

This is the first time EVER that files have been pushed back this long and people are going crazy making all sorts of accusations and demands. It’s possible that a lot of the comments are right, I find it so strange though some of the things being said when we don’t necessarily know the exact cause.


There are a number of factors causing this situation. It’s not black and white. The best I can say is, all of the above. Rest assured the situation is being carefully evaluated by the appropriate people and changes are (or will be) made as appropriate, in due course after proper consideration and planning for future outcomes.

As far as I can say, this phase is a temporary delay while several functions with the system, the submissions, and the personnel are simultaneously addressed.

Cheers guys, thanks for your loyalty and good faith. We’re getting back there, one step at a time. :)

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Ok, good to know it’s only a temporary situation :-)

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Thanks for the heads up ADG3studios, I like most others arent trying to put the pressure on you guys. A lot of us just thought the possible issue of too many people uploading maybe a bit to much and quality of it should be addressed, which might be best for everyone. We all know you guys are doing the best you can and work very hard, thanks.

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Hope its all gets worked out soon. Just makes planning uploads a little tricky but they all get there in the end. Iv had a track stuck at what seems like 99% for about a day so I’ve been starting to wonder if there was an issue with the song. But if its a mixture of different issues fair enough. Cheers