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I am relatively new to Graphic River, and I recently uploaded some files for sale, which all got rejected, with the following message:

This File Did Not Meet Our Criteria

Unfortunately this file does not meet GraphicRiver’s strict aesthetic guidelines and cannot be approved.

Now, my designs are quite minimalistic, so if that is the problem then I know what to produce for next time, but I understood that minimalistic designs were acceptable (of course, it is always a possibility that the designs were poor!).

Firstly, was a set of buttons, which I produced for the Web Elements section of Graphic River, you can see the representation I produced here:

I also produced a business card, which you can see here:

Finally, I produced a resume, which you can view here:

I would be exremely grateful for any feedback I can get, so hopefully I can produce a product of high enough standard to be accepted! :)